How was In4City born?

Search for strategic and sustainable solutions

InnovaSur is a technology company with extensive experience in accompanying cities and small municipalities on their way to promote digital transformation and economic reactivation so that it is truly intelligent and sustainable.

With this mission, In4city was born, a 'smart city' platform that will allow local corporations the comprehensive management of smart solutions and cutting-edge technologies in order to optimize urban services and resources and improve the quality of life of citizens.

In4city is a platform for easy management and analysis of objective data that offers the local administration the ability to generate spaces, opportunities and new initiatives that can boost the key sectors of municipal management and local economy, job creation and revitalization and diversification of economic, social and environmental activity.



Providing intelligence to municipalities

Smart irrigation

Sustainable irrigation management through the implementation of specialized devices allows you to save water and make your gardens look spectacular.

Smart irrigation

Sustainable irrigation management through the implementation of specialized devices allows you to save water and make your gardens look spectacular.

Street lighting

Take control of your lighting system by configuring the intensity and the switching times of the different lighting points in your city.

Smart building

We have the necessary technologies to turn your building into a "Smart Building", in order to constantly monitor and evaluate its condition.

Capacity Control

Intelligent capacity control system, which allows to know the flow of people and vehicles, in order to detect crowds and act accordingly.

Environmental information

The use of air quality sensors, VOC particles, CO2, noise, temperature, pressure ... allows you to know exactly the metrics to obtain detailed environmental information.

Electric vehicles

Installation and monitoring of electric car charging points.


We prepare your municipality to obtain the distinctive Smart Tourist Destination.
Information panels, loudspeakers, tourist information, signage, beacons ... and everything your municipality needs.

Traffic and public transport

We implement the necessary technology to geographically monitor your fleet of vehicles.

Energy facilities

Continuous monitoring and visualization of results through a control panel of the main KPIs associated with photovoltaic, thermo-solar and boiler installations.

Smart steps

Improve the safety of your crosswalks by integrating technology to automatically illuminate road markings when a pedestrian is approaching.

IoT Monitoring

Alert monitoring and notification system for error events, maintenance, disconnection of your entire IoT network.


Smart urban platform

Infrastructure management

  • Public service networks.
  • ICT infrastructure monitoring.
  • Comprehensive management and control system of the smart city.
  • Comprehensive system for a smart city.

Mobility and transportation

  • Monitoring of the smart charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • Mobility management and smart signage.

Goal Tracking Indicators Dashboard

  • Control de vehículos con identificación de matrículas.

Energy and environment

  • Monitoring and management of intelligent lighting.
  • Air and noise pollution control system.
  • Monitoring of intelligent irrigation systems.


  • Smart tourist destination management system.
  • Tourist indicators and tools.

Government and public services

  • Smart management of the territory.
  • IoT sensors in municipal services.
  • Open data.
  • Municipal asset management.

Infrastructure management

  • Citizen security (police and firefighters).

Economic and social progress

Bet on technological innovation

In short, In4city is an integrating platform of intelligent technologies that allows rigorous monitoring of indicators and data analysis, generating reliable forecasts that will help local corporations to continuously manage, control and improve their public resources. In this way, a reduction in costs and a boost in efficiency are guaranteed to align results and generate confidence in making strategic decisions that pursue the economic and social progress of the municipality under the premises of EFFICIENCY AND SUSTAINABILITY.

«The smartest cities are not those that have a larger budget or those that use the most sophisticated technologies, they are those that manage to make a more efficient and sustainable use of public resources and achieve an improvement in the quality of life of their citizens and citizens »

Juan José Prieto, CEO of InnovaSur