Capture, analyze and act

In4City offers you a fast and constant graphical status display of management and performance indicators of the devices. The module integrates a alert system, to report the real status of the different technologies implemented, with the aim of supervise its application, communication and give adequate follow-up to optimize its usefulness and maximize the opportunities for use. Based on the information generated, the In4City system establishes a health level of the IoT infrastructure.

Organization and control for efficient management

The module In4City IoT inventory, allows the specific query of system devices implanted in the municipality, showing from the same search box basic information on the technology, its status and properties.
It is a simplified management program, including a QR code which helps those responsible for local administration to automate the registration, authentication and search processes for installed devices and sensors quickly and easily.

Georeferenced monitoring and supervision

It is a geolocated map display system that offers the opportunity to public administrations to have an advanced compilation in real time with the exact location of the devices (sensors, alarms and advanced technologies) deployed throughout the municipality and collected by the system. .
The device infrastructure can be grouped by layers, including a tool to dynamically filter, zoom in and zoom out the sensors and other technologies that you want to consult

Intuitive, fast and efficient

Access to the platform is done through user registration. In4City simplifies the registration process and authentication allowing system administrators, assign roles, control administrative privileges, as well as grant and revoke permissions of the different modules and municipal digital dependencies.
All accesses are made over secure channels, through an authentication module.

Analysis, implementation and testing

It consists of the inclusion of processes and procedures necessary to analyze the viability of the system integration external in the Internal BUS used by in4city for intercommunicate all its components. This makes it possible to offer a unified platform which processes data from all internal / external sources to offer a holistic view of the platform.

Data analytics, decision making

The platform provides customizable dashboards that allow evaluating the results from a global and strategic perspective. The Kpis are displayed accompanied by a graphic representation which enables interpret data quickly and visually. In4city includes a series of dashboards as standard, including the possibility of integrating external dashboards.

Maintenance, warnings and alerts

In4City offers a notification system integrated with with monitoring system and control of the IoT infrastructure, which provides a simple tool, to notify those responsible for each of the verticals before events of the type abnormal readings, device disconnection, rules on metrics, special considerations for the current COVID-19 pandemic. Notifications are configurable so that the administrator can decide who is responsible for each vertical, the notification channel, reminders ...

Guarantee of guarantee and professionalism

The platform In4city integrates a system of ticket management in order to communicate directly and efficiently any incident, error or query that may interfere with the proper functioning of the IoT technology networks in our municipality. The system receives, classifies and assigns a priority level, with the aim of quickly detecting any alteration and solving any problem or incident quickly and efficiently.
It also offers a record of records with those interventions carried out in the resolution of the same, thus guaranteeing its traceability and preventing it from being repeated in the future.