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InnovaSur is a leading company in engineering and communication technologies that has extensive experience in detecting needs and implementing intelligent solutions, services and infrastructures that help its clients to take advantage of existing resources, learn new processes and create innovative projects. InnovaSur, which has 80 professionals, has positioned itself in recent years among the most competitive companies nationwide thanks to the development and use of cutting-edge technologies, as well as the commitment, professionalism and closeness of its team.

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We are internationally certified with the quality seals ISO 9001, 14001, 27000 and UNE relation of City and Smart Platform standards.

They talk about us

MEP Adriana Maldonado visits InnovaSur's Smart City laboratory


The Andalusian technology company InnovaSur presents In4City, a platform for the integral management of intelligent solutions Images of InnovaSur in the TIS by Canal Sur


InnovaSur presents smart solutions to help small and medium-sized municipalities to become 'smart cities'


Antena 3 tells how the InnovaSur capacity control service works


Andalusian technology to control the capacity in the streets of Seville


An application allows you to send the letters to the Magi and receive a personalized message


A Smart City platform will allow city councils to improve the quality of life of citizens