Energy saving

A possible and sustainable municipality

This panel allows you to consult and obtain data around the consumption and energy saving, both at the level of the electrical panel, and of each of the nodes connected to it. In this way they can know and quantify the real energy efficiency data from
municipal equipment, public lighting, CO2 emissions among others.

With these indicators, the local government will have at its disposal a series of parameters that will allow it to identify the savings achieved, know the points that have increased consumption, analyze their causes, apply the corrections and develop an energy saving and efficiency action plan.


Building management

Smart building

In4city offers the control and viewing of interior maps of municipal offices and public spaces prepared as Smart Building. The system monitors in real time the information from counting devices, sensors for temperature control, noise, air quality, humidity, VOC particles, CO2 ... allowing to know at all times the situation of the busiest areas and anticipate possible incidents .

It also shows a series of parameters and a history that, in addition to contributing to energy saving and efficiency in buildings, includes monitoring consumption and optimizing the operation of facilities, promoting the promotion of socially and environmentally responsible habits on the part of the Local Management.


Proximity marketing

Omnichannel experience with citizens

It is a technology based on the use of beacons or bluetooth beacons through which you can visualize and analyze the transit of people that pass through certain shops and points of interest in the municipality.

With the use of a mobile App, a communication immediate with people who are close to the established perimeter. Through push notifications, all information that may be of interest will be sent automatically (tourism, official announcements, activities agenda, legislative news, satisfaction surveys, events of interest or business offers ...).

In this way, governments and local businesses have at their disposal a means of improving visibility and citizen communication, as well as active listening that will allow to focus attention and respond to the real needs of the municipality.


Urban mobility

Safe movements without incidents

Thanks to the collection of data provided by smart cameras and sensors, municipal planners and traffic managers can access relevant information about traffic and its classification, with the aim of making improvements and carrying out efficient coordination. of the different routes and means of transport achieving:

• Effective traffic regulation, detection of needs and adoption of strategies that guarantee sustainable urban mobility.

• Guarantee safety on public roads through the early detection of irregularities or infractions, as well as the detection of abandoned dangerous objects.

• Identification, reservation, location and improper use of free places.

• Obtain information on traffic flow in real time: busiest routes, frequency, origin or destination of vehicles.


Capacity control

Guarantee of citizen security

In4City It allows visualize in real time the capacity of the different buildings and public areas municipal. The capacity control module includes an alarm system for cases in which the capacity is exceeded according to the parameters established by current regulations. This fact translates into:

• An improvement in the use of public spaces.

• A 24-hour security guarantee, with an alarm system when motion is detected in unauthorized areas and hours.

• Control of waiting lists and the presence of people to avoid exceeding capacity limits.

• Remote access to buildings and public spaces.

• Reduction of surveillance costs.

• Guarantee of security in the organization of events, preventing risk situations for attendees.

• Comply with COVID-19 restriction measures.


Presence analytics

New solutions for new times

Thanks to the custom implementation of intelligent image treatment systems and Wi-Fi, In4city is able to obtain data and indicators from real time of presence of people and vehicles, in order to make an intelligent interpretation of the data to:

• Collect and analyze mobility data in areas with high levels of human traffic and as well as places near the most used entrances and exits in the municipality.

• Recognition of people with specific special needs, guaranteeing universal accessibility.

• Identification of behavior models of people, to know the average length of stay, locations and buildings that arouse greater interest for tourists and residents.


Irrigation control

The most advanced technology at the service of your municipality

Module that shows information on the flow of water released in each of the irrigation control elements, installed in parks and municipal green areas. This technology allows establishing a schedule and schedule to indicate the level of opening, closing and operating time.

In addition, the system is capable of identifying meteorological changes, thanks to its weather meters for rain, wind and soil moisture, which will allow determining the optimal time to activate irrigation based on the plant characteristics of each species.

The readings of the sensors can be consulted in real time from the panel, as well as the data history, allowing to make a use efficient water resources Township.


Smart lighting

Digital lighting and respectful of energy resources

In4City enables real-time monitoring and control of InnovaSur smart lighting solutions, as well as a reduction in energy consumption and light pollution of the entire public lighting infrastructure.

It is an efficient and sustainable management of all lighting devices, data and applications, to respond to the different needs of the population of a municipality, depending on their characteristics and ways of life.


WIFI access in public spaces

Quality and safety guarantee

In4city offers a unified control system to manage all the WIFI access points deployed by your municipality, being compatible with both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi points.

The system monitors metrics in real time to offer useful information on data traffic at all times. Detailed information on transfer data (upload / download), connected clients, transfer volume segmented by connected device and type of data traffic can be obtained. With this information you will be able to determine which devices have the highest load and act accordingly to redistribute traffic and optimize the performance of your WIFI network to the maximum.


Municipal Inventory

What we have? and Where do we have it?

The Municipal GIS platform provides the Local Administration with the necessary tools to analyze and store all its geographic information, collecting and processing information from different sources, promoting more efficient management.

The use of this GIS has numerous advantages, highlighting the following:

  • The information is centralized and updated
  • Access through user profiles that allow to provide greater security to the system.
  • Alphanumeric information is linked to graphic information and spatial position.
  • Data model implemented in geographic database.
  • Quality control, eliminating the risk of duplication of information and its outdated information.
  • Wide range of functionalities to manage, visualize, geoprocess and analyze data.
  • Connection and interoperability with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services offered by the different Spatial Data Infrastructures (IDE)


Optimized for working in the open field

Sound sensor

Noise, temperature, battery

Debris sensor

Filling (ultrasound), temperature, battery

Humidity and ambient temperature sensor

Ambient temperature and humidity, internal temperature, battery

Soil moisture sensor

Soil humidity and temperature, internal temperature, battery

Environmental sensor

PM particles, humidity, temperature, battery

Parking sensor

Auto switch, temperature, battery

WMbus hub

WMBus module, temperature, battery

Watchmeter Lite

Water pulses, direction and alarms, temperature, battery

Geolocation of municipal vehicles

Location, monitoring and control technologies

In4city integrates a complete real-time fleet GPS location system, which will allow you to track your municipal vehicles. The system allows vehicles to be grouped by categories, so that access to each of the categories is secured based on the roles assigned to those responsible. The platform constantly monitors the location of each of the vehicles so that all geographical positions are recorded in order to offer information on the journeys made, mileage ...

In4city offers a GIS aimed at showing the location of each vehicle in real time, a plot on a map of the route followed and of all the journeys made in a period, showing information on speed, location and mileage.

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